Can Cats Eat Cinnamon Without Dying?

How much cinnamon is toxic to cats?

It takes a larger amount of ingested cinnamon powder to cause problems in our pets (greater than 1 teaspoon of powder for most pets) but only a small amount of the essential oil..

Will cinnamon powder hurt cats?

Yes. As per ASPCA, cinnamon is cat safe, i.e., cinnamon sticks, powder, or essential oil isn’t poisonous or toxic to cats.

Is cinnamon toxic to animals?

Cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses, according to the ASPCA. “Cinnamon isn’t toxic for dogs, but nutmeg can be, if consumed in large amounts,” says Dr. Ashley Hughes, DVM, at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, DC.

What happens if a cat eats cinnamon?

Although cinnamon is technically classified as non-toxic to cats, it can become toxic at certain levels– especially if your cat is exposed to the higher concentrations typically found in essential oils.

Can cinnamon kill cats?

Although the ASPCA have not labeled Cinnamon as toxic for cats it can cause vomiting and allergic reactions as well as other complications in cats. As stated above, Cinnamon isn’t toxic for cats in small doses but can cause problems for some of them.