Question: Who Is Father Of Organic Farming?

Who is the father of organic farming in India?

Bill Mollison in late 1070s, advocates the planting of perennial tree crops and employ environment in planning farm activities.

Biodynamic Farming: Dr.

Rudolf Steiner is considered as a father of Biodynamic farming….Organic farming in India.Organic FarmingChemical FarmingLow risk of Climate instabilityIncreasing risks8 more rows.

Who started organic farming in India?

SwaminathanSwaminathan) became the governments most important program in the 1960s. Large amount of land was brought under cultivation. Hybrid seeds were introduced. Natural and organic fertilizers were replaced by chemical fertilizers and locally made pesticides were replaced by chemical pesticides.

Who started the organic movement?

The term “organic farming” was coined by Lord Northbourne in 1940. The beginnings of the organic movement can be traced back to the beginning of the 1800s. In 1840 Justus Von Liebig developed a theory of mineral plant nutrition. Liebig believed that manure could be directly substituted by certain mineral salts.

What are the different types of organic farming?

Types of Organic Farming:Pure organic farming. It involves the use of organic manures and biopesticides with complete avoidance of inorganic chemicals and pesticides.Integrated organic farming. It involves integrated nutrients management and integrated pest management. … Integration of different farming systems.

Which is the first organic country?

EstoniaEstonia – the World’s first organic country!

What is Waaphasa?

Waaphasa: It means the mixture of 50% air & 50% water vapor in the cavities between soil particles. Waaphasa refers to the micro climate in the soil, by which the soil organisms and roots can live freely with the availability of sufficient air and essential moisture in the soil.