Quick Answer: How Many Types Of Pest Are There?

What are the types of pest?

Types of PestsAnts, Bees and Wasps.

Wasps, bees and ants (collectively known as hymenopterods) are one of the largest orders of insects.

Bed Bugs.

Bedbugs are small, elusive, and parasitic organisms all belonging to a family of insects called Cimicidae.






Rodents.More items….

How many types of pest control are there?

3 Basic Types Of Pest Control. The term “pest control” may sound pretty self-explanatory, but there are actually several different types of pest control services that you can receive, depending on the problem that you’re facing in your home.

What are 3 methods of pest control?

Control methodsBiological pest control.Cultural control.Trap cropping.Pesticides.Physical pest control.Poisoned bait.Fumigation.Sterilization.More items…

Is rat a pest?

Rats: One of the world’s most destructive pest. Rats and other species of rodents can have a devastating impact on businesses, particularly those operating within the food industry.

What is pest and their types?

Types of pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, wood borers, and termites are found living secret lives in our homes more often than ever before. Pest control services are an awesome solution, but taking preventive action will lower the chances of infestation.

What is the difference between pest and insect?

Pests are small creatures, organisms that are notorious of destroying crops, food, causing diseases, and attacking livestock. Insects are also small creatures that can be classified into insect pests and beneficial insects.

What is crop pest?

animals that injure or kill cultivated plants. The harm done by plant pests and diseases is great. The most varied and numerous species of crop pests are arthropods: insects, arachnids (mites), and some species of millipedes and crustaceans (wood lice). …

What is the best pest control method?

6 Other methods of pest controlClean up after meals. … Put all rubbish into the bin.Wrap all food scraps tightly in paper before putting them in the bin.Keep all the benches, cupboards and floors clean and free of food scraps.Regularly clean behind stoves, refrigerators and other household appliances.Keep food in containers with tight-fitting lids.More items…

Why do cockroaches fly towards you?

A cockroach can feel the change in air current and change in the surroundings, and when they encounter us, they look in their surroundings, looks for a place from where they can escape, and then chase you, scare you, and make a run toward the escape. They use this strategy against many other predators.

What are the 3 classes of insects?

Classification – Insects Orders Illustrated (3-6th)Kingdom – Animals. Phylum – Arthropoda. Class – Insecta. … 1) Beetle Order – Coleoptera.2) Mantid & Cockroach Order – Dictyoptera.3) True Fly Order – Diptera.4) Mayfly Order – Ephemeroptera.5) Butterfly & Moth Order – Lepidoptera.6) Ant, Bee, & Wasp Order – Hymenoptera.7) Dragonfly Order – Odonata.More items…

What is Monophagous pest?

Monophagous herbivores are de- fined as those feeding on 1 or more plant species within a genus. Oligophagous herbivores are restricted to feeding on 2 or more genera in a family or closely related families, and polyphagous herbivores are defined as feeding on species from two or more plant families.

What are the four main groups of pests?

Pests can be placed into four main categories:insects and closely related animals.plant diseases.weeds.vertebrates.

What is common pest?

When you think of house pests, insects may be the first critters that come to mind. … Other common house insects include feared pests such as termites, bed bugs and cockroaches. Although you may dislike spiders as well, they do not fall under the insects category.

What is the most common method of pest control?

Chemical Control. The most common method of pest control is the use of pesticides—chemicals that either kill pests or inhibit their development. Pesticides are often classified according to the pest they are intended to control.

What are some pest control methods?

Depending on the type of pests, we can distinguish several different pest control methods which include biological pest control, mechanical pest control, physical pest control, poisoned bait, field burning, trap cropping and the use of pesticides.

Is pest control safe for humans?

Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill or harm pests. … Although you can easily obtain household pesticides, this does not mean that they are harmless. They are toxic and if used carelessly, they may affect the health of the user, their family, pets or the environment.

How can I control pests naturally?

Natural Insect Pest ControlSoapy Water. Keep a small spray bottle handy, and spray the ants with a bit of soapy water. … Bedding and Mattress Covers. … Diatomaceous Earth. … Nontoxic Flea Traps. … Removing Water Around the House. … Mint. … Bed Bug Spray.

What is pest and disease?

3 Pests and Diseases. … A pest is defined as an organism that occurs where it is not wanted (weeds, mosses and algaes) or an organism that has a detrimental effect on turf (fungi, insects, mammals and birds). Pest and diseases are generally broken down into different categories.

What is ETL and EIL?

The economic threshold Level (ETL) is the population density at which control measures should be determined to prevent an increasing pest population from reaching the Economic injury level (Fig. 2). EIL is the lowest pest population which will cause economic damage.