What Is Another Word For Mistletoe?

What does the word mistletoe mean?

Mistletoe is a plant that grows parasitically on trees.

The word mistletoe comes from the Old English misteltan, with tan meaning “twig” and mistel meaning, well, “mistletoe.” (Middle English speakers apparently confused tan as the plural of ta, “toe,” which is how we ultimately get mistletoe)..

What is another name for stomach acid?

Gastric acid, gastric juice, or stomach acid, is a digestive fluid formed within the stomach lining.

What is another word for heartburn?

What is another word for heartburn?indigestiondyspepsiabackflowcardialgiadyspepsyhyperaciditywater-brashacid refluxburning sensationgastroesophageal reflux19 more rows

What is the myth of mistletoe?

According to one sunnier version of the myth, the gods were able to resurrect Baldur from the dead. Delighted, Frigg then declared mistletoe a symbol of love and vowed to plant a kiss on all those who passed beneath it.

Does mistletoe mean poop on a stick?

Ancient observations of the poop-on-a-stick origins of the plant led to its name “mistletoe,” or mistiltan in Old English, derived from the Anglo-Saxon words mistel, meaning “dung,” and tan, meaning “twig.” … But on this side of the Atlantic, mistletoe was once used to counteract fertility.