What Two Things Work Together?

What is another word for teamwork?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for teamwork, like: cooperation, collaboration, partnership, synergy, alliance, union, conflict, coaction and partisanship..

What is another word for collaborate?

Collaborate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for collaborate?cooperateteam upconcertconjoininterfaceband togethercofunctioncome togethercoproduceleague75 more rows

When two things Cannot exist together?

Two or more things that do not fit well together, or are not adapted to each other, are said to be incongruous; a thing is said to be incongruous that is not adapted to the time, place, or occasion; the term is also applied to a thing made up of ill–assorted parts or inharmonious elements.

What always comes in pairs?

Things that commonly come in pairs (two separate items)a pair of shoes.a pair of socks.a pair of slippers.a pair of boots.a pair of shoe laces.a pair of gloves.a pair of cuff links.a pair of earrings.More items…

What makes a collaboration successful?

Collaboration skills enable you to successfully work toward a common goal with others. They include communicating clearly, actively listening to others, taking responsibility for mistakes, and respecting the diversity of your colleagues. Learn more about these skills and how to develop them.

How do you effectively collaborate?

Here are the top five ways to lead a high performing team and collaborate with them most effectively:Get everyone on the same page. The most important thing you can do to collaborate is to get people to work with you on the same goals. … Set expectations. … Use tech tools. … Be open about everything. … Hold effective team meetings.

What is the word when two things work together?

When you work together on shared goal, you collaborate. If you don’t just split a project up evenly but work together on creating solutions, you collaborate. Inside the word you see co-labor, or “working together.” Cooperation is simply splitting up the work and getting it done.

What two things are inseparable?

If two or more things are inseparable, they are so closely connected that they cannot be considered separately: Unemployment and inner city decay are inseparable issues which must be tackled together.

What is the opposite of teamwork?

Antonyms of TEAMWORK separation, injury, stop, hindrance, management, noncooperation, divorce, hurt.

What do you call someone who is a team player?

collaborator. nounperson who works with another. assistant. associate. co-worker.

What are 3 important skills for teamwork and collaboration?

Collaboration and teamwork require a mix of interpersonal, problem solving, and communication skills needed for a group to work together towards a common goal.

What is it called when you mix two things together?

blend, mingle, combine, put together, stir, jumble, merge. fuse, unite, unify, join, amalgamate, incorporate, fold in, meld, marry, mesh, compound, alloy, coalesce, homogenize, intermingle, intermix, interweave, interpenetrate, interlace. cross, cross-breed, hybridize, integrate, emulsify, premix.

What are things that are better together?

15 Things That Are Better Together, Just Like You & Your SisterHot Cocoa And Marshmallows. Africa Studio/Shutterstock. … Peanut Butter And Jelly. Kristin Johnson/Shutterstock. … Ice Cream And Sprinkles. Giphy. … Chokers And Tube Tops. hipstylefunk on Twitter. … Converse And High Socks. rood on Twitter. … S’mores And Campfires. Mitch Boek/Shutterstock. … Sugar And Kool-Aid. Giphy. … Macaroni And Cheese.More items…•