Why Is Tulsi Plant Kept Outside?

In which direction Tulsi plant should be kept?

According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east direction is considered to be the direction of Kuber, the god of wealth.

So to increase the economic condition of the house, Tulsi should be planted in the north-east direction..

Why do Tulsi leaves turn black?

Dark, water-soaked spots on your basil plant’s leaves may indicate a bacterial leaf spot infection, caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas cichorii. Symptoms may eventually lead to wet stem rot. … Clean up any leaf litter on the soil as well.

Which days we should not pluck Tulsi leaves?

Due to the daily consumption of basil leaves, many diseases can be avoided easily. Basil leaves are like a boon in our life but these leaves should not break on a certain day. Like Full moonlight, Ekadashi and Sunday, the leaves of Basil should not be plucked. Tulsi leaves should not be plucked even after sunlight.

Should Tulsi be watered on Sunday?

There is no reason for not watering Tulsi plant on Sunday. Like any other plant, Tulsi is also one. However care needs to be taken to give it only right amount of water. Tulsi being sacred gets water daily as a ritual without any consideration of actual need.

Which type of Tulsi is best for home?

Types of Tulsi:Rama Tulsi: Rama Tulsi is also called as green leaf tulsi and this is a different type of tulsi breed that has light purple flowers and has a clove-like scent to it. … Krishna Tulsi: … Vana Tulsi: … Tulsi for Skin: … Tulsi for Hair: … Tulsi for Weight Loss: … Tulsi for Eyes: … Tulsi Prevents Premature Ageing:More items…•

How often should I water my Tulsi plant?

Water the plant when the top one inch of soil is dry, but in summer, keep the soil slightly moist. Do not water during rain. Reduce watering by the winter to prevent diseases.

Can we keep Tulsi plant in west direction?

It is not considered good to plant tulsi in this direction. 2- East-north direction is considered to be the element of water and south-west direction to be the element of earth. … Therefore, it is auspicious to plant Tulsi in these directions. 3- Always keep in mind that never plant the basil plant in the ground.

Why Tulsi plant is not watered on Sunday?

Tulsi or holy Basil is a sacred plant according to Hindu belief. … Every Sunday, during Ekadashi and lunar eclipse, water should not be offered to Tulsi. Also, in these days and after hiding the sun, basil leaves should not be broken.

What is the lifespan of Tulsi plant?

16 to 20 daysThe usual life span of this organism is 16 to 20 days but after treatment with Tulsi, it moved up to 23 days. Prasad said eugenol, the main constituent of the plant separated by use of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) yielded better results than the crude extract. It increased the lifespan by 25%.

Can Tulsi be grown indoors?

Tulsi, also known as holy basil or sacred basil, is a perennial in tropical and subtropical regions, but it can be grown indoors year round regardless of your climate. … If brought indoors for the winter, tulsi will keep right on blooming and liven up any room with its sweet fragrance.

Does Tulsi plant die in winter?

In winter Tulsi needs less water than in summer. So if the water present in the soil and atmosphere is more than the plant needed, it will gradually die, but it can still rejuvenate.

Why does Tulsi plant die?

Tulsi needs high amount of water. If you water in the morning, the plant dries up by the evening. This happens even when I used platic pots to reduce evaporation. So disbalance of watering can be a reason of dying.

Can ladies pluck Tulsi leaves?

There is generation of heat energy in the dormant and serene sattvik frequencies present in the tulsi plant by the touch of women which leads to decrease in its sattvikta (sattva quality). Hence they are prohibited from gathering or plucking the tulsi leaves.

Can we pluck Tulsi on Dwadashi?

One must not pluck anything from any plant during night and SAndhya time. Avoid plucking Tulsi on Dwadashi. There are many such rules prescribed for each plants.

How do I save my dying Tulsi plant?

Fertilizing the plant Providing the dying Tulsi plant with some fertilizer can also help resurrect the plant. You can use homemade fertilizers like used tea leaves and rotten cow dung manure. In case, even after taking so much care, your Tulsi plant dies, here is what to do with the dry Tulsi plant.

What are the side effects of Tulsi?

SHOCKING: Eating Tulsi leaves can have these 5 side effects!01/7Eating Tulsi leaves can have these 5 side effects! … 02/7​Not suitable for pregnant women. … 03/7​May not be good for diabetic patients. … 04/7​May impact male and female fertility. … 05/7​May interfere with blood thinning medicines. … 06/7​It may cause damage to the liver. … 07/7​May stain your teeth.

How often should Tulsi be watered?

Method 3 of 3: You should check your plant at least twice a week to see if it needs to be watered. If the top of the soil is dry, water it.

Can we give water to Tulsi in evening?

Often we water it in the evening as well but that is the wrong way of keeping the plant healthy or as per Vastu getting the right benefits of the “Tulsi plant”. Never water the plant in the evening. “Tulsi plant” is a very important for many Indian households.

Why is my Tulsi leaves turning yellow?

Improper watering – Root rot, a result of too much water, is one of the most common reasons for yellow leaves on basil plants. Water basil only when the top 1 to 2 inches (3 cm.) of soil is dry, and remember that slightly dry soil is healthier than soggy soil.

Why is Tulsi plant kept outside the house?

According to Vastu, Tulsi plant should be placed at North or North-East direction of your house. Even the balcony is apt to place a Tulsi plant. Keeping a Tulsi plant at home removes negative energy and doshas. Hence, avoid keeping stuff like brooms, dustbins and other such material in its close vicinity.